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The Chicago Relatives Visit Grandma Brigitta’s Farm

Every summer some of her relatives from Chicago would come to visit at the farm for several weeks at a time.  She loved to have them come and if they stayed too long, she was happy to see them go.  As with all of us, her patience sometimes wore a bit thin with so many people around, not to mention the extra cooking and cleaning chores.  By the next summer they were all back again and everybody was happy to see one another once more.  Between her own children, grandchildren and the Chicago relatives, she always had a house full of people there in the summertime.  It’s a marvel that she could keep up with it all.

LEFT:  Grandma Brigitta (Rohloff) Glasnap is on the left with her sister, Veronica (Rohloff) Brieske, enjoying a walk together on the farm.  Look at Brigitta’s big, relaxed smile.

RIGHT:  (left to right) Grandma Brigitta is with her nieces, Helen Brieske and Amanda Bleske, with Amanda’s son, Aloysius Bleske, on the right.   They all loved their Aunt Brigitta as you can see from this picture.  Brigitta’s grandson, Albert Glassnapp, used to play with Aloysius Bleske.  Albert often stayed at the farm a good part of the summer so he could help entertain the Chicago youngsters when they came to visit.

Henry Visits the Farm

Through the years, Henry returned to his boyhood home for short visits.  Returning to one’s roots can be a very satisfying and rejuvenating experience for the inner soul. His two sons, Albert and Hank, often stayed on the farm for part or all of their summer vacations.

TOP:  George Glassnapp is on the left with an unidentified friend next to him.  Henry Glassnapp is on the right, but Rex has the seat of honor.  Their little pup, Rex, sits on his throne, surveying his kingdom and subjects like a king (as his name aptly implies), surrounded by Grandma Brigitta’s lovely plants.  What a poor, pampered pup!

CENTER:  Henry sits in a shiny new car with Rex on his lap, all perky and ready to go.  Notice the right-side steering (unless both pictures are reversed).

BOTTOM:  It’s Albert Glassnapp, Henry’s youngest son, behind the wheel of the car this time, although you can hardly see him!


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