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The Spinning Wheel

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Edward J. Bley Displays A Prized Family Heirloom Spinning  Wheel Handed Down In His Family

TOP RIGHT: Edward J. Bley, son of George Raymond Bley , sits in his living room in Appleton, Wisconsin, showing one of his prized possessions - a spinning wheel which he inherited from his father’s home.  He wasn’t sure where it came from in his family, but he thought it was from his mother’s side.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  This lovely old spinning wheel is a reminder of our Irish heritage on his father’s side of the family, also, even if it didn’t originate there.  There were Cannons in our family who were weavers in Ireland.  County Donegal, where the Cannons came from, is noted for its beautiful hand-spun yarn and hand-knitted wool sweaters.  Ellen Cannon taught her daughters to knit and they may have had a spinning wheel similar to this one.  Thank you, Ed, for reminding us of this part of our heritage.  Ed also gave the pictures of the Bley farm for this picture history.  We appreciate your sharing them with us, Ed.