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Sisters, Emma & Victoria

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Emma and Victoria were Walter and Josephine De Keyser’s two youngest girls.  Perhaps they were a bit more pampered than some of the older ones because times were better.  In the left photo they regally pose in their elegant turn-of-the-century Edwardian fashions.  Emma is wearing a brocade suit-dress with huge, puffed leg-of-mutton sleeves, a stylish ostrich-plume hat and a parasol to shade her from the hot sun.  Vic’s lovely floral-print dress also has puffed sleeves, and look at that fussy hat!  Outrageous!  But they were so in vogue!  In the right photo, they are shown together again, neatly dressed in more grandmotherly attire.  This is the way I always remember them.  Vic, on the right, is wearing a corsage.  They might have been celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary.  Aunt Vic and Uncle Louie Devroey lived in Milwaukee with their daughter, Mildred, a hundred miles south of where we lived in the Fox River Valley.  Once we were visiting them when I was about three years old and I locked myself in the bathroom.  They did their best to direct me on how to turn the lock to open it, but in my hysterical state, all attempts at that failed.  Mildred’s husband, Orville Button, my father and Uncle Louie ended up outside with a ladder dismantling the house to get in.  The window was also locked, so they had to pry off part of the window frame before they could remove the window  to get inside and rescue me.  They must have had a great deal of patience because I wasn’t punished for my misadventure.  Good thing it was a first floor window!  (Joyce Glassnap Krieser)

Sisters, Emma and Victoria, Earlier and Later