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TOP LEFT:  The San Juan Capistrano Mission is famous for its beautiful gardens and it is the spring home for thousands of swallows that annually migrate some 2,000 miles from their winter homes in Central America.  Their arrival at the mission is celebrated on March 19, St. Joseph’s Day, with the ringing of the mission bells.  Esther, Hattie and Carl stand under those bells three days early.

LEFT:  The Smit Farm in San Diego grows organic fruits.  Photo taken 15 March 1950.

ABOVE:  George and Hattie (Hedwig Leverenz) Aiken lived in Tuhunga, California. Hattie was Carl’s mother’s younger sister, or an aunt to Carl.  They were always close.

Carl and Esther Visit Hattie and George Akin

They went to San Juan Capistrano on March 16 of 1950

San Juan Capistrano