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Ruth Family Reunions

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An October 9th, 1952 Ruth Reunion

TOP:  L. to R.: Adolph (Aud), Alma, Marie (Mayme) and Fred Ruth, with Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise and Esther (Ruth) Krieser at the right.  Clara was not able to make this reunion and Fred died February 28th, 1953.

BOTTOM LEFT:  L. to R.:  Aud Ruth, Carl Krieser who was the son of Esther, Alma, Mayme and Fred Ruth, Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise, with Edna or Etta (Ronikel) Ruth (Fred’s wife) and Marie T. (Trier) Ruth, Aud’s wife.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  L. to R.:  Aud Ruth next to his wife, Marie T. Ruth, Fred Ruth, Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise, Alma and Mayme Ruth, Etta (Ronikel) Ruth, who was Fred’s wife, and Esther (Ruth) Krieser.  These three photos were all taken at the Marson Hotel in Clintonville, Wisconsin after a family dinner that was held there.

Comparison Photos of Ruth Sister Reunions

TOP:  Those large, beautiful Ruth eyes are very apparent in all of the sisters in this photo.  Mayme was not in good health at this time.  Both of their brothers have previously died.  The sisters had gathered in Mayme’s bedroom for their last reunion.  Left to right, they are: Esther (Ruth) Krieser, Elizabeth (Ruth) Feise, Marie (Mayme) Ruth, Alma Ruth and Clara (Ruth) Brady.

MIDDLE LEFT:  Esther and her husband, Carl, lived comparatively near to Clintonville.  They had moved from Antigo to Green Bay in the summer of 1954 and Carl Junior lived in the Hortonville-Appleton area during this time so they were able to join in this reunion of the five sisters.  You can see Carl’s wife, Joyce, sitting in the lower left corner of this photo next to Mayme, Esther and Clara.  Carl Sr.  stands on the left next to Alma and Elizabeth.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Esther and Mayme sit in the front while Esther’s husband, Carl, stands next to Elizabeth, Clara, Alma and Esther’s son, Carl F. Krieser.  This was the last time that the five sisters were all able to get together.  Although Mayme was not in good health at this time, she lived for almost three more years.  She died February 22, 1958.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  The three left photos were taken in 1955.  The right one is an earlier photo probably taken in the early 1930s.  Comparing them is fun as well as interesting.  We all grow old unless the alternative gets us first, right?  Enjoy!