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More Rosnow Photos

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A Rosnow Photo From About 1895

This photo of some of the Rosnow women was taken inside of their home.  The back row shows Mary Rosnow Fiesenheiser and her mother, Maria Hindenburg Rosnow.  Paulina Rosnow Lang and Minnie Radke Rosnow (wife of William Gottlieb Rosnow) are in the front row.  In the 1880s, the tiny waist and broader hips were the prominent accent of women’s clothing, creating the hourglass look.  By 1890, the sleeves became the most important feature of the dress.  The blouses in this photo reveal that it was taken about 1895 or shorty after.  In 1895 the sleeves were at their puffy peak in popularity.  It appears that Mary was wearing a full-length puffed sleeve called the bishop sleeve.  The other two girls have leg-of-mutton sleeves.  These sleeves got their name due to the fact that they were shaped like mutton chops on the bone, wider and puffy at the top and narrowing to be tight below the elbow.  By 1895, blouses began to have these mutton sleeves as well as the dresses and jackets, allowing women to wear blouses without jackets, which can be seen here.  There is an interesting photo on the wall behind Mother Rosnow.  One wonders if it was an earlier photo of her.

LEFT PHOTOS:  Mary Fiesenheuser of Milwaukee and Bertha Ruth were very close friends as well as sisters.  The upper left photo shows the two of them together and the bottom photo is of Mary alone.

RIGHT PHOTOS:  Here are three sons of William Gottlieb Rosnow or grandsons of William A. Rosnow.  They are William Rosnow III, Born in 1887; Leonard W. Rosnow, born in 1890; and Arthur Rosnow, born in 1894.  These were happy reunions.  The photos were taken in 1927, after another brother, Walter, had died young in 1910.  They also had a sister, Meta Rosnow Larson (1889) who married Edwin E. Larson.

Some More Photos of the Rosnow Kin

LEFT:  William Gottlieb Rosnow with his wife, Wilhelmina Radke Rosnow.  She was usually known as Minnie.

BELOW:  William G. Rosnow, Mary Rosnow Fiesenheuser, Bertha Rosnow Ruth, Lucille Besancon, daughter of Emma Rosnow Besancon and standing next to her mother, Emma.  Probably next are Paulina Rosnow Lang and Minnie Radke Rosnow, wife of William Rosnow.  Charles died young on September 25, 1894 and John died 2 May 1930.  The clothing appears to be from the 1930s.

Descendants of William A. and Maria Rosnow

Here are the surviving children of William A. and Maria Hindenburg Rosnow after 1930.  Left to right:  Bertha Rosnow Ruth, Mary Rosnow Fiesenheuser, Emma Rosnow Besancon, William G. Rosnow, and Paulina Rosnow Lang.  They were identified on the back of the photo stating that they were all of Bertha Ruth’s brothers and sisters, obviously meaning that they were all of the living siblings at that time.  Their clothing has the more tailored look that led into the forties.  Most of them died in the 1940s.