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More Family Photos

TOP RIGHT:  Emma (Leverenz) Krieser and Charles Henry Krieser with their granddaughter, Ruth Margaret Krieser, daughter of Carl Richard Krieser and Esther Edna (Ruth) Krieser. Photo taken about 1921.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Emma (Leverenz) Krieser is holding Ruth Margaret Krieser, her granddaughter (about 1921).

BOTTOM RIGHT:   A four generation photo.  Emma (Leverenz) Krieser, Johanna (Rohloff) Leverenz, Lily (Krieser) Maes and her little daughter, Dorothy Maes (about 1919 or 1920).

Left to right: Friedrich (Fred) Leverenz, Dorothy Maes (his great granddaughter, daughter of Lily Krieser Maes), Johanna (Rohloff) Leverenz (Fred's wife), Annette Maes (second daughter of Lily Krieser Maes), Emma (Leverenz) Krieser (Fred's daughter), and Belva Krieser (Emma's daughter).  About 1926.

Emma (Leverenz) Krieser with her four children.  (Left to right) Lily (Krieser) Maes, Emma (Leverenz) Krieser, Carl Richard Krieser, Belva Krieser and Rose Krieser.  1930's.

TOP RIGHT:  Rose (left) and Belva (center) Krieser visit with their brother Carl Richard Krieser at his home in Kimberly, Wisconsin.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Emma Frieda (Leverenz) Krieser at her home in Milwaukee.  Their little dog, Duffee is at her feet (about 1940).

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Emma Frieda (Leverenz) Krieser stands in front of her son's (Carl R. Krieser's) home in Kimberly, Wisconsin (probably taken between 1945 and 1951).

RIGHT:  Four generations: Back left, Emma (Leverenz) Krieser.  Front right, her son, Carl Richard Krieser.  Back right, Ruth (Krieser) Kumbier.  Front left, Sharon Kumbier.  (1949)

LEFT:  Four generations: Carl Richard Krieser is holding his granddaughter, (Ruth's daughter) Sharon Kumbier.  Standing, his son, Carl Fredrick Krieser.  Seated right, Emma (Leverenz) Krieser, his mother.  (1949)

More Family Photos