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Mary (Bley) Haas was John and Ellen (Cannon) Bley’s oldest child.  She was born the 7th of September, 1858 in Chicago, Illinois, where her parents had met and married in 1856.  On the 17th of December, 1874 Mary Bley married Frederick Haas at Mackville, Wisconsin.  She was married at the young and tender age of 16.  Fred was older than Mary by twelve years.  They had one daughter, Anna, who also married young to a Mr. Krause.  Fred was the Pacific Street crossing flagman for the Chicago NorthWestern Railroad in Appleton for years.  After Mary’s sister, Eliza, married, the two sisters and Anna would often get together and tie quilts as they visited.  Although Anna was Eliza’s niece, their children were the same age because Eliza married at an older age.  After Fred died, Mary continued to live with Anna and her second husband, George Feavel.  Eliza’s children called her Auntie Haas.  Her eyesight grew dim with age until she was totally blind the last years of her life.  Anna took very good care of her mother, nursing her through periods of ill health in her declining years.  Everybody loved Auntie Haas and her daughter, Anna.  Eliza often walked the mile or more to visit them with her little granddaughter, Joyce.  After Mary’s death she continued to visit Anna.  The two families were very close.

Frederick Haas Marries Mary Bley, The Bley’s Oldest Daughter

Anna (Haas) Krause

Married About 1896 To George Krause, Her First Husband

Anna was a very young widow after George died. She then married George Feavel.  What a lovely wedding photo this is.  Her lovely lace-trimmed dress, handkerchief and veil are beautifully accented by her exquisite floral corsage and crown.  George’s boutonniere is made of the same delicate flowers.

Anna (Haas) Krause

With her daughters, Margaret (on her lap) and Mae Krause (at her side).

A Parasol Baby Carriage That belonged to Anna (Haas) Krause’s Family

This picture of Anna (Haas) Krause’s two daughters also gives us a good view of their wonderful old parasol perambulator.  Margaret, Anna’s younger daughter, looks very comfortable propped up with a fluffy, lace-trimmed pillow behind her.  Mae’s white dress is generously trimmed with lace.  It has wide lace ruffles bordering the intricate bodice and an especially generous lace ruffle on the upper sleeves.  It looks like she has shiny black boots on.  The parasol is closed on the baby carriage but it is clearly visible above Margaret’s head.  The body of the carriage is constructed in an ornate wicker design and is styled like a sleigh.  It has large, bicycle-style wheels with solid rubber tires, making it a much higher baby buggy than we are used to.  It would have been disastrous if a child ever fell out of it.  Mayme is standing with the buggy on an old board walk that ran along the side of the house.  Board walks were very common in that day.  They were often slightly elevated to keep clear of the mud.  The shutters on the window behind them are closed but one of the  louvered panels is propped open to let a little air through.  The deeply lathed corner post, the interestingly patterned railing and lattice work covering the crawl space under the porch are all the details that added charm and dignity to the home.  It gives us a rare look at some details of a by-gone era.

Confirmation of May (Mayme) Krause

Daughter of George and Anna (Haas) Krause

Confirmation of Margaret Krause

Daughter of George and Anna (Haas) Krause