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Johann and Brigitta (Rohloff) Glasenapp

LEFT:  Johann Heinrich, son of Johann Heinrich Gottlieb Wilhelm Glasenapp and Dorthea Christine Friedrike Pommerening of Grunewald, Pommern, Preussen, Germany.  Most of his siblings also settled in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.

RIGHT:  Brigitta Rohloff, daughter of Michael and Rosalie (Schabolonsky) Rohloff of Radosiew, Posen, Preussen.  Most of her family, including her parents settled in Chicago, Illinois.  She kept in touch with them and her Chicago relatives visited her often.

Johan & Brigitta

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This was their wedding picture which was taken in Oshkosh, Wis. where they were married on March 12,1869.  The original photo is faded, pitted and dirty.  Their faces have been computer restored, which accounts for their blotched complexions.  At least we can see what they looked like.  The photograph was given by Eliza (Bley) Glasnap, their daughter-in-law.