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German Relatives

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Ruth Relatives Who Stayed In Germany

F. Gustav Ruth kept in touch with one of his brothers in Germany after he came to the United States.  His name was Otto Karl Ruth.  This unidentified photo was undoubtedly that brother.  It was taken in Dansig where he lived.  He was born 13 August 1858 in Sandow, Pommern, Germany and married Friedericke Kienbaum on 7 May, 1880.  After World War II he and his grandson had to flee for their lives from the Russians.  He died 4 October 1947 at Nieder Oderwitz, Schsen, Germany.  Esther Ruth, daughter of F. Gustav, kept in touch with his daughter, Hedwig, for years after his death.  She is probably the taller girl in the photo.

Hedwig Ruth

An inscription on the back of this photo says “Your Cousin, Hedwig.  Taken Christmas 1955”.  She appears to be an older version of the taller girl in the previous photo.  Esther Ruth Krieser also had an uncle, Adolph H. Ruth, who came to the United States and lived in Chicago but no children have been found for him.  I’m sure that Esther would have kept in touch with them if there had been any.  Her Brother, Adolph H. Ruth was named after him.