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Esther Hill Aldrich And Her Step-grandchildren

UPPER RIGHT:  Grandma Esther Aldrich is shown with her step-grandchildren, Francis Lyman Aldrich, Junior and Julia Aldrich.  Their father, Francis Lyman Aldrich, Senior was the son of Esther’s second husband, William Aldrich and his first wife, Eliza Cornelia Larsen.  Her step-family was always very good to her, even taking her and her daughter, Ada, to live with them at times during the long winter months when their house was too cold for them to stay in.

ABOVE LEFT:  Francis Lyman Aldrich, Junior (Frank) in his later years.

GRAPHICS and TAG:  Grandma Esther Aldrich loved music and she had a foot-pedal organ that she treasured.  Frank (Junior) was a good musician and loved to play the piano and organ.  Whenever he would come to visit her, she would always have him play for her.  She also had a beautiful music box album similar to the one in the graphic.  Not only was the case exquisite, with a lovely Victorian lady on the cover, but the music box, itself, was of exceptional quality.

Esther & Her Step-Grandchildren

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