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The Early Marriage Years

TOP LEFT:  This postcard was sent to Carl and Esther while they were living at Watersmeet, Michigan.  It says, “What do you think about this for a Sunday morning smash-up?  Your mother (Bertha Ruth, Esther’s mother) asked me to send you this card.  She is over to your Uncle Wm. Rosnow’s helping make grape wine.  I should tell you that she is well and says she is lonesome for you all and you should come home for a visit but don’t forget to bring the baby.”  It also mentions that  Alma is in Milwaukee.  It is signed, Ed.  Alma was Esther’s sister and Wm. Rosnow was her mother’s brother.

BOTTOM LEFT:  Carl R. Krieser holds Ruth Margaret, their first child.  Esther is at his side. Ruthie looks to be several months old in the photo, so it was taken in 1921.  Esther’s dress is made of the striped taffeta that was so popular then.  Note Carl’s ever-popular European worker’s style cap.

BOTTOM CENTER:  This photo was also taken about 1921.  Ruthie is in the buggy.  It was a classic in its day, with an adjustable hood for shade and a drop-down footrest to make it a stroller for when she is big enough to sit up in it.

BOTTOM RIGHT:  Carl is all dressed up in his double-breasted suit and vest, with Esther in her 1920s satin dress and fashionable cloche hat.  Both Esther and Ruth wear strapped shoes, fashions of the mid-twenties.  Ruthie is also in her Sunday best.  She is wearing a smocked satin coat and a very fancy Tam O’Shanter.  Tam O’Shanters were the height of style in girl’s and women’s millinery at that time.  She appears to be about three years old, so the photo was taken about 1925.

When they lived at 209 Plummer St. in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, Ruthie had a cute saying that became one of those family classics.  If you asked her who she was, she would say, “Otay Keea, 209 Pummer Teet.”  She would rattle it off 90 miles an hour with no pauses and you’d get the whole thing.

The C. R. Krieser Family About 1924-1928

UPPER LEFT:  Bertha Rosnow Ruth is shown in this photo with her little granddaughter, Ruth, who was named for the family surname.  She is “pushing” the old hand-push mower, posing for the picture.  It’s doubtful that any three-year-old could move the contraption alone.  About 1924.

UPPER RIGHT:  Here is a better shot of Ruth in her Tam O’Shanter outfit.  In addition to the smocking, the coat appears to be trimmed with pretty flowers and a bow.  Note the interesting window coverings on the old touring car behind her.  They appear to be weather coverings with triple oval lookouts for each window.  This wouldn’t give the driver much of a side view but with the limited traffic they had, they probably didn’t do a lot of passing.  This was about 1925.

MIDDLE LEFT:  Esther wears her black satin dress with the lace trim, but without her hat.  This was also about 1925.

MIDDLE RIGHT:  Carl, Esther and Ruthie are together on a windy day.  Esther’s hair is in the waved style of the twenties and she wears a “V” neckline dress.  Ruthie is older here, probably about 5 or 6 years old.  Her dress is trimmed with rows of lace.  Photo taken about 1926-1927.

LOWER LEFT:  Ruthie steps up onto the running board of their spiffy Studebaker with the six side windows and sun visor over the windshield.  It had steel disc wheels.  Photo taken about 1927.

LOWER RIGHT:  Ruthie and Esther are dressed in their Sunday best.  They both wear versions of the cloche hats that were so typical of the twenties.  Ruthie’s appears to have some type of “dangles” on the side.  She is also wearing knicker-style pantaloons.  Esther wears high heels and a broad white collar on her coat.  About 1927-1928.

Early Marriage