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Carl Fredrick Krieser

Carl Krieser Sr. called his second child “Junior” while Esther always called him Carl Junior.  As he grew older, he always hated the “Junior” label.  Here are three photos of him in his early years.

UPPER LEFT:  Taken 1n 1930, he was about a year old.

UPPER RIGHT:  This photo of young Carl holding his first beloved Mamie bear was taken in 1931 or 1932.  He lost her, and then they had to find a new Mamie.  The house behind him is his Grandma Ruth’s home in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

LOWER RIGHT:  This photo was taken in DesMoines, Iowa in about 1931.  Esther’s sister, Elizabeth Feise, lived there.

Carl Junior & Mamie

This photo was taken around 1931 when he was about age 2.   Young Carl is again holding his precious Mamie bear in this picture.  After he lost her, they had to find a replacement.  It was a little dog he also named Mamie.  Today it is a threadbare relic of the past and a remembrance of how dearly he loved his little dog.

Carl Jr.