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Carl Krieser Jr. & Joyce Glassnap

Carl and Joyce met after Carl came home from the Korean Conflict.  They were both attending Lawrence Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Carl had attended there one year before he had been called back into service.  He returned at the second semester in 1952.  It was Joyce’s first year.  Carl proposed.  Joyce accepted and it was the start of a 57-year (and counting) marriage.  This page was written in June of 2010. 

UPPER LEFT:  Joyce is pinning a corsage on her little sister’s dress.  Elaine Dawn was 5 years old at the time and so excited about all of the new, fancy clothes she was getting for the wedding.  Floyd Rosencrantz was one of the witnesses at the wedding and when he came in the house little Elaine ran up to him and said, “Rosie!, Rosie!, Look!, My panties match my dress!”  And she pulled her dress up to prove it to him.  Sweet innocence.

LOWER LEFT:  Joyce and Carl examine a card from one of the presents they received.  Looking back, they both look so young (and slim).  Joyce weighed all of 103 pounds at that time.  That lasted for about 6 months, until she discovered that being underweight could be the cause of their not having children.  She hit the potato chips hard then and that was the end of the 103 pounds.  It started a gradual weight gain that really never stopped.

LOWER RIGHT:  This was the marriage kiss after their wedding on September 6, 1952.

UPPER RIGHT:  President Ara Om Call performed the marriage ceremony.

MIDDLE LEFT:  Carl and Joyce are with Carl’s parents in this photo.

MIDDLE RIGHT:  They stand with Joyce’s parents and little Elaine in this photo.

LOWER LEFT:  The witnesses stand with them in this picture.  They are Georgia Damon and Floyd Rosencrantz.

LOWER RIGHT:  Here Georgia and Floyd are signing the marriage certificate as witnesses.  Georgia was Joyce’s best friend and Floyd was Carl’s best friend.

Carl & Joyce