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UPPER PHOTOS:  These are two different shots of the home that Carl and Esther bought in Antigo.  Although it was smaller than their Kimberly home, it was very comfortable with a living room, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms on the main floor, plus a semi-finished attic that Carl Junior used when he was home.

BOTTOM PHOTOS:  These two photos show Johnny McElroy and Floyd (Rosie) Rosencrantz visiting Carl Junior when he was home from his first enlistment in the army.  He had gone into service in June of 1947 and came home in December of 1948.  These photos were taken in the summer of 1949 before he started at the Lawrence Conservatory of Music.  He was there only one school year and had just started his second before he was recalled and sent to Korea in the fall of 1950.

Krieser’s Home in Antigo, Wisconsin

UPPER LEFT:  When Ruth and Leroy were first married, they lived in Milwaukee and Leroy was taking street shots of people for a while.  This photo might have been one of those that he took.  It was taken in Milwaukee.  Carl is walking with his good friend Donald Fird, from Kimberly.  Don worked at the Institute of Paper Chemistry in Appleton after graduation.   He also enjoyed caravanning to different places with his brother Vern, Carl and Joyce and various friends in Wisconsin.  They all had snappy little foreign cars.

LOWER LEFT:  Carl came home after his basic training and the fellow with him in this photo was from Antigo.  They took basic training together at Fort Knox, Kentucky.

RIGHT:  This photo shows Carl Junior on the side of their Antigo home, between the side door and the dining room windows.  The kitchen was to the right of the entry door.

These photos were all taken about 1948.  The upper left shows Carl Richard and Carl Fredric Krieser at the side door of their Antigo home.  The other black and white shots are also taken on that side of the house.  The colored photo at the bottom (marked 1948) was taken at one of the Paulding cabins.  Carl Senior and Esther are with their good friend, Art Oettinger, of Kaukauna, Wi.  His wife, Celia, probably took the photo.

Antigo, Wisconsin