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Alma Aldrich Marries George Verhagen

Alma started dating George sometime after the First World War, probably in 1919.  She must have been swept off her feet by this handsome returned sailor.  He drove this beautiful, new touring car that was quite a status symbol in its day.  There was only one other like it in De Pere, owned by a doctor who lived across the river in the society area.  It was a very expensive car in those days.  She loved to dress up and go for rides with him.  On May 31, 1920 she wrote in her diary that she had ridden in George’s car in the Memorial Day Parade and that George had worn his sailor’s uniform for the affair.  Then they went to the cemetery after the parade.  All of this must have been very impressive to Alma, who was only 16 at the time.  On Saturday, June 26th she wrote, “Drove 20 miles at 35 [miles] an hour.  George thinks it’s wonderful.”  That Fourth of July Sunday they took a ride up and down the entire Fox River Valley to Neenah-Menasha and back to De Pere, visiting all the towns in between.  The next day they went back to Little Chute to celebrate (probably with George’s relatives) and she noted that George bought “B’s” share of the car (probably his brother, Bill) so George was then the exclusive owner of it.  That was probably a good thing because of further developments.  On Sunday, July 18th she wrote, “I drove up Greenleaf Road”, and the next day, Monday the 19th she wrote, “Drove through town first time.”  Then, just over a week later on July 29th, she noted, “Was driving and had a smash up.  Awful crowd around.”  It didn’t seem to be detrimental to their relationship, however, because two days later, on Saturday, July 31st, she said, “George fixed the car.  We’re going to be married 23rd of August.”  They were actually married on August 22, 1920.  She wrote, “I’m happy and hope I always will be.  I’m sure I will.”

Alma Marries