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Adolph & Marie

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Adolph (Aud) and Marie (Trier) Ruth

Aud and Marie lived in Chicago.  Aud was a very kindly man, and he was very successful in his business.  He died before Marie.  Marie was part of two sets of twins in her family.  Her wedding dress was completely hand stitched, seams and all--a classic of her day.  It was donated to a college museum in Kansas City.  Which twin is Marie on the photo below is unknown.  Obviously, they had a double wedding.  Aud and Marie had no children, so Aud’s wedding ring was handed down to his sister, Esther’s, grandson, Karl Eric Krieser, and became part of his wedding also.

Adolph (Aud) and Marie Ruth, June 4, 1949

TOP LEFT:  Marie T. (Trier) Ruth and Adolph (Aud) Heinrich Ruth sit happily on a park bench together.  The photo was dated on the back, June 4, 1949.  Marie’s birthday was sometime in June so perhaps this was her birthday celebration.

TOP RIGHT:  Aud Ruth sits alone on the park bench with several cars of that vintage in the background.

LOWER RIGHT:  Marie is alone on this photo.  What a lovely, refined lady.

NOTE:  Carl F. Krieser, Jr. had a long train layover in Chicago during his return to camp from a furlough break in 1948.  Aud and Marie picked him up and took him to their lakefront apartment for part of that day.  Aud had done very well in the lumber business.  They had a good visit and a meal before they took him back to the train station.  He always remembered their kindness and what nice people they were.