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Carl Richard and Esther (Ruth) Krieser

Their 50th Wedding Anniversary was in 1970

On the 5th of June, 1970, Carl and Esther Krieser celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their family at their daughter Ruth’s home in St. Louis, Missouri.  The upper photo shows the anniversary couple with all the candles lit ready to celebrate.  The cake is waiting to be cut and eaten by their hungry descendants and the lovely floral bouquet seems to be beckoning for all to do just that.  It was a lovely occasion.  The lower photo is of the celebrated couple with their two children, Ruth Margaret (Krieser) Kumbier and Carl Fredric Krieser.  Mother Krieser has a lovely new dress on for the occasion.  She looks so lovely in that pastel green with her hair done so beautifully.  She loved to dress up and look her best whenever she went out and this special occasion was no exception.

50th Anniversary